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Support & Services

Support & Services

Group Force Benefits Inc. has the experience and the flexibility to help you improve your productivity.

Whether you are an advisor who is new to the group insurance industry and can use some professional guidance and expertise or you are an experienced advisor who wants to focus on client relationships and handle your back office needs, Group Force Benefits Inc. is here to meet your needs.

Group Specialist

  • Experienced in Group Insurance and has a block of business of 20 or more cases.
  • Wishes to engage in a partnership with Group Force Benefits Inc. utilizing our 'back-office' services.
  • Group Force Benefits Inc. completes marketing exercises, new group submissions, renewals and booklet/contract reviews.
  • Group Force Benefits Inc. will white label presentation material for the Advisor (where necessary).


  • An Advisor that has had some exposure to Group (less than 20 cases).
  • Wishes to engage in a partnership that involves Group Force Benefits Inc. more extensively
  • Advisor will seek advice on plan design, cost containment initiatives, plan enhancements.
  • Where appropriate the Advisor will seek assistance from Group Force Benefits Inc. on client presentations.

Group Advisor

  • The Advisor that has great contacts and relationships but is NOT experienced in Group.
  • Wishes to enter into a Partnership whereby Group Force Benefits Inc. handles nearly everything and is involved in client meetings and presentations.
  • The Advisor manages the client relationship and relies heavily on Group Force Benefits Inc. to implement and service the plan.